Ghostwriting firewall

In order to ensure a professional level of publications, as well as responding to the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education the editor of the Social and Humanities Studies Humanum draws attention to ethics in science and endeavors implementing procedures to prevent the phenomena of "ghostwriting" and "guest authorship".


"Ghostwriting" is a phenomenon of non-disclosure of a person name who has made a significant contribution to the publication, was the real author or co-author of the work. This applies also to not indicating the role of a person providing the contribution to the publication by the acknowledgments contained in the publication.


The phenomenon known as "guest authorship" ("honorary authorship"), is to take a particular person as the author or co-author of the work, although its contribution to the publication was negligible or had not taken a place at all.
Both attitudes are a manifestation of scientific dishonesty, therefore, any irregularities discovered by the editors will be unmasked and documented, including notification of appropriate subjects (scientific institutions employing the authors, research centers or other scientific editors).


In order to avoid the mentioned phenomena, the editors expects all potential authors for fair disclosure of the actual contribution to the creation of publications (including the affiliation and contribution, that is information about who is the author of concepts, principles, methods, etc. used for the preparation of publication). Please also note that the main responsibility lies with the author that submits the manuscript.