Reviewing procedure

The review of texts submitted for publication shall be done in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The Editor reserves the right to reject articles and to shorten texts that do not comply with the editorial requirements. Review form can be downloaded on the website of the journal (in the Forms tab under the text).


Editors for the evaluation of each article appoint two independent reviewers from outside the unit.
In the case of texts written in a foreign language, at least one of the reviewers is affiliated with a foreign institution, other than the nationality of the author of the work.
Reviewing the texts is done with recommended by the Ministry anonymity of the author and reviewer (ie. "Double-blind review process").
Review must be in writing and end with an explicit request to the approval of the article for publication or rejection. Reviewer has the ability to determine in the form whether the article can be published:
Without amendment;
Having regard to editorial corrections;
After the introduction of substantive changes;
After complete redrafting and re-review
Does not qualify for printing.


Reviewer has the right to suggest that the article should be published in another section of the journal (except for thematic block). The final decision on the place of publication of the text belongs to the editor.

The basic principles of reviewing publications which the editor uses while reviewing process are available in a brochure prepared by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (Good practice of reviewing procedures in science).