Scientific council

Honorary Chairman:

Diocesan bishop, ordinary of the Roman Catholic diocese of Rožnov (Slovakia), professor habilitated doctor in humanistic sciences.


He studied philosophy and theology at RkCMBF UK in Bratislava (1993 - ThDr.), at the Pontifical Academy of Theology in Cracow (where he obtained a doctoral degree under the supervision of prof. Józef Tischner) and at the State University in Presov (Slovakia). Member of the Accreditation Commission of the Slovak Republic. Author of many scientific monographs and articles published in various countries.


He is a professor of humanistic sciences, a habilitated doctor in the humanities and theology. He is the Head of the Department of Philosophy of the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw and the Director of the St. Cyril and Methodius Scientific Institute of Studies in Slavic Philosophy at Warsaw Management University.


An eminent, recognized international researcher in philosophy and ethics. Visiting professor at many foreign universities. Author of many books and articles published in Poland and abroad.


He currently serves as the director of the Air Transport Institute of Czech University of Technology in Prague. He was one of the founders of the Aviation Department of Czech University of Technology in Prague, where he served as the dean’s deputy, and currently gives lectures in the Air Traffic Management Department.


He also worked in Slovakian Ministry of National Defence in Bratislava as the general director and national armaments director. He represented Slovakian Republic in NATO bodies during CNAD - Conference of National Armaments Directors in Brussels and in European Union in EDA- European Defence Agency in Brussels. He also served as a manager of leading expert teams of the greatest projects of armaments modernisation of Slovakian Armed Forces, among others the purchase of a new transport aeroplane and mobile communication systems. A member of boards of directors and boards of supervisors of companies from aviation industry. He is an author of over 350 articles and publication from the fields of management and aviation. He is a member of academic councils of universities and editorial boards of scientific and trade journals.

Prof Dr. Dr. Muss is a Medical Doctor with Doctorates in Immunology and Nutritional Medicine from State University of Berlin (FU Berlin) and State University of Munich (LMU University Munich). He finalizied his PhD Thesis and Habiliation in the field of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at the St. Elisabeth University Bratislava and is coeditor of 7 international scientific pubmed listed Journals. Presently he is the President of the International Research Group in Vienna ( and Board Member of Swiss Society for Antiaging and Preventive Medicine (SSAAMP) as well as Head of the Reserach Institute for Preventive Medicine (PIKEM) and Executive Director of the Swiss Branch office (Gesundheits Campus) of the St. Elisabeth University (SK) for German speaking countries.

Professor of Philosophy with habilitation, born in 1968 in Czech Republic.

Graduate of law and international trade. He is a lawyer and a judge of International Arbitration Tribunal at ICC in Paris and since 2001 President of World Association of Lawyers located in New York in the USA, a member of numerous legal organisation of international character, among others: ASIL (American Society of International Law), ILA (International Law Association), ASA (Swiss Arbitration Association), ArbAut (Austrian Arbitration Association), DIS (German Arbitration Institute), Legal Association of England and Wales, ICC.

Technical University of Kosice, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Safety and Biomedical Engineering
Department of Biomedical Engineering and Measurement in Slovakia.

Scientifics fields:
Biomedical engineering.
Design of components, modules and elements.
Exact engineering.

Main publications:
1.) MADARÁSZ, Ladislav - ŽIVČÁK, Jozef: Aspects of Computational Intelligence: Theory and Applications Revised and Selected Papers of the 15th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems 2011, INES 2011/ - 1. vyd - Berlin Heidelberg : Springer-Verlag - 2012. - 436 p.. - ISBN 978-3-642-30667-9.

2.) ŽIVČÁK, Jozef - HUDÁK, Radovan - TKÁČOVÁ, Mária: Termovízna diagnostika / - Košice : TU - 2010. - 200 s.. - ISBN 978-80-553-05333-2.

3.) ŽIVČÁK, Jozef - ŠIMŠÍK, Dušan - KNEŽO, Dušan - VOLF, Jaromír: Electronic processing of local muscle disposition sensor output / - 1997. In: The International Journal of Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging. Vol. 20, no. 1 (1997), p. 41-45. - ISSN 1063-1674

4.) GÁL, Peter - TOPORCER, Tomáš - VIDINSKÝ, Boris - HUDÁK, Radovan - ŽIVČÁK, Jozef - SABO, ján: Simple interrupted percutaneous suture versus intradermal running suture for wound tensile strength measurement in rats: A technical note. In: European Surgical Research. Vol. 43, no. 1 (2009), p. 61-65. - ISSN 0014-312X

5.) PETROVOVA, Eva - MASSANYI, Peter - CAPCAROVA, Marcela - ŽIVČÁK, Jozef - STODOLA, Ladislav: Structural alterations in rabbit spleen after bendiocarb administration. In: Journal of Environmental Science and Health : Part B. Vol. 46, no. 8 (2011), p. 788-792. - ISSN 0360-1234

Daniel West is a professor and the Dean of the Department of Health Administration and Human Resources, University of Scranton in the USA. He specializes in international health care, globalization, multiculturalism and diversity management. He is a visiting professor at many foreign universities, including the University of Matej Bel in Slovakia and Tbilisi State Medical University in Georgia. He is also the President of the HTC Consulting Group, Inc. in the USA.

Slovak and Hungarian scholar, clergyman, titular abbot, editor-in-chief of the Catholic-Hungarian weekly Remena. Theologist, philosopher, manager of education and science.

Founder of The ÖTZ-NLP&NLPT - DIE COACHING UND PSYCHOTHERAPIEAKADEMIE in Vienna (Austria). Univ. Lecturer (university / FH), health and economic psychologist, professional detective, teaching psychotherapist (NL, DG, ECP), legally sworn expert, supervisor and trainer in the ÖAGG, EMDR instructor, management consultant CMC, coach / LSB, member of the LSB section the Wr. Economic Chamber, teaching mediator. NLP education and training in the USA and Great Britain, teaching supervisor and teaching coach BÖP, managing director Arthur Schütz & Co KG, member of the training committee of ÖTZ-NLP & NLPt, secretary general of EANLPt.

He studied medicine at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, where in 1992 at the Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Human Genetics, specializing in microbiology and molecular biology, he completed his doctoral thesis. He is the General Director of the Biological Medical Diagnostic Lab, which employs over 160 employees. Since 2004, he has been involved in innovative post-graduate studies in the field of microbiology in the area of Preventive Medicine. He is also a member of the management committee and co-founder of the International Preventive Medicine Research Group.

Dr Gruber studied Psychosocial Health Sciences, Psychoanalysis and received the Master of Science (MSc) from Interuniversity College, Graz and Master of Science (MSc), Azteca Universidad International Program, Chalco / Innsbruck (A) as well as his doctoral Degree (Dr. sc. Med) from the University of the Principality of Liechtenstein UFL, Liechtenstein and his Venia docendi. for Health Sciences and Psychology; Universidad Azteca, International Network System. He is Director of STI Institute Health and Development of the Steinbeis University Berlin for Complemetary medicine Office Switzerland and Co Director of the Branch office of the Swiss Branch Office of St. Elisabeth University Bratislava (Gesundheits Campus).

Studied Dentistry in Germany and Finnland and received his Dotorate (PhD) from State University Munich Germany. Presently he holds a Visiting Professorship at the State University in Arad (Romania) and is President of IGMZI international society for metal free dentistry and implantology and founder of the metal free Dentistry System (NAM). He is head of research Institute of the University of Stavropol (RU) and associated with the Branch office of the Swiss Branch Office of St. Elisabeth University Bratislava (Gesundheits Campus). Prof. Fritsch is member of the scietific board of the International Research Group of applied Preventive Medicine (I-GAP).

Professor at the University of Princeton in the USA. The author of many prizewinning books, e.g. The Rehumanization of Art and Literature (MIT/October Books, 2012) award: Modern Language Association's Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize, All the Graphs: Soviet Factography and the Emergency of Avant-Garde Documentary by the University of Chicago.

Scholarship holder of The Fulbright, Humboldt and Whiting Foundations, and Cornell University's Society for the Humanities as well as The John Simon Guggenheim Foundation and The American Council of Learned Societies.

He was born in 1959 and he is a Slovak philosopher, professor of philosophy and ethics.

Currently (since 2011) he works at the Institute of Ethics and Bioethics of the Philosophy Department of the Prešov University in Prešov in Slovakia. He is the dean of the FF PU, and he is guaranty of ethics study programs and lectures various subjects as part of his specialization. Author of many book publications and scientific articles in Poland and abroad:

· Angažovanosť, solidarita, zodpovednosť (1994)
· Etika konzekvencializmu (1995)
· Etika sociálnych dôsledkov a jej kontexty (1996)
· Človek a morálka (1997 a 2005)
· Etika sociálnych dôsledkov v kontextoch jej kritiky (1999)
· Etika a reflexie morálky (2008)
· Etika na Slovensku - minulosť a prítomnosť (2008)
· Human Being and Morality in Ethics of Social Consequences (2003)
· Slovak Lutheran Social Ethics (1997)
· Etyka konsekwencji społecznych (2011)
· Morality of the Past from the Present Perspective: Picture of Morality in Slovakia in the First Half of the Twentieth Century(2007)

He is a professor of medical science and the Founder of the St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Work in Bratislava and a world recognized specialist in the field of tropical medicine and oncology, as well as:

Head of the WHO International Laboratory of Tropical Medicine in Bratislava
Doctor honoris causa of the University of Scranton (USA)
Doctor honoris causa of the University of České Budějovice (Czech Republic)
Doctor honoris causa of the Varna University (Bulgaria)
Permanent Adviser to the Minister of Health of Slovakia
Member of the British Royal College of Medicine
Member of the American College of Physicians
Member of the American Society of Infectious Diseases
Member of the American Society of Microbiology
Treasurer of the European Society of Chemotherapy.

Eugeniusz M. Bobosov (Бабосов, Евгений Михайлович) - professor habilitated doctor, scientist of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the greatest Belarusian philosopher, sociologist and expert on the study of culture. Founder of the Republican Party of Labor and Justice. Author of many scientific and journalistic works.

Laureate of the State Academy of Sciences of Belarus Award for outstanding achievements in the field of science, the Ministry of Education of Belarus Award for the best textbook, the Sorokin International Award, and the he Honored Scientist of Belarus title. In 2007, he was awarded by the Lomonosov Medal. Currently he works on the problems of sociology, studies of culture, political and social science and public administration.

Greek Orthodox Priest, titular dean, professor habilitated doctor in humanistic sciences, a philosopher and theologist. He studied at the Pontifical Academy of Theology in Cracow, as well as at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Slovak State University in Prešov. Author of many books and scientific articles. Currently head of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the Faculty of Greek Orthodox Theology at the University in Prešov (Slovakia).

Professor habilitated doctor of pedagogical sciences, Scientist of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine in Kiev, a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Education, a member of the International Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. Doctor Honoris Causa of the Khmelnitsky National University and the Lviv State University of Safety, honorary professor at the NAPS Education Management University. Scientist-secretary of the Department of Professional Education and Adult Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.
A leading scientist in the field of vocational pedagogy. The concept of vocational education in Ukraine and the standards of state vocational education were developed under her leadership.
Author and co-author of over 500 scientific works in the field of theory and history, pedagogy, didactics, vocational education and vocational training. Among others the book "Vocational Transformation of Ukraine", she also published books in Poland e.g.: "Vocational Training in Poland and Ukraine - in the Background of the Changes", "Vocational and Pedagogical Education in Ukraine", "Pedagogy of John Paul II. Theory and practice in the 21st century”.

Kiyokazu Nakatomi was born in August 10, 1955 in Hakodate city, Hokkaido Japan. He studied politics and economics at Meiji University, Tokyo and now he works at Chiba Prefectural Togane Commercial High School as a social study and ethics teacher. Also he is the author of Philosophy of Nothingness and Love. (2002). Nakatomi is a membership of Philosophical society of Japan, Japanese Association for Comparative Philosophy, Société franco-japonaise de philosophie, World Congress of Philosophy and International Society for Universal Dialogue. His papers were translated into more than seven languages and published from over ten countries.

Academic Director, Apsley business School. Sebastian has an extensive professional career as a consultant in compliance and Quality Assurance, especially on the international stage. After spending over 14 years as an academic in Japan, where he established and implemented international collaborations across East Asia and North America, he relocated to Europe and has spent the past 5 years consulting at the executive level in postgraduate education in the UK and Central Europe. He has strong practical experience in delivering high quality executive training online through a variety of platforms and media. He is an active consultant in the fields of marketing and education as well as Information Security and has worked on projects for Europol and the University of Security Management in Slovakia. He lectures on the MBA in research methodology, HR, quality management and marketing. He speaks native English and fluent Japanese.

He studied and graduated in Laws. Doctoral degrees in laws and social sciences.  Since 2010 academic teacher in many Academies and Universities all over Europe. 
Appointet to lawyer in 2008.  2017 Appointet to honorary professor in Germany in the field of business law.

Involved in different scientific projects. Co-Founder of scientific university journal.
For the last 10 years he´s been lawyer in the field of contract and business law and mediation. 

Connected with management and marketing, public relations and broadly understood communication, media and culture. Graduate of History Faculty of Warsaw University – musicologist, journalist, diplomat.

She worked, among others, for companies like Warsaw University, Polish Television Plc., Culture Foundation, Polish Radio Plc., "Pomaton EMI" Phonographic Company, Polsat Television Plc., Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Humanistic and Economic Academy in Łódź.

Among others, she was:
Plenipotentiary for the development of Culture Foundation, Director of Polish Radio Orchestra, Deputy Director of Musical Recordings Management of Polish Radio, Deputy Director of Trade and Promotion Office of Polish Radio, Director for Promotion of Polish and foreign music at Phonographic Company Pomaton EMI, Head of Setting and Creation of Polsat Television, Director of Media Relations at AM Art-Media PR.

For a few years, she was a member of Programme Council of European Culture Festival – Cracow 2000, and she was also 1st Secretary for culture, science and technology at the Polish Embassy in New Delhi in India.

Since 2005 she has worked for Jeronimo Martins Poland Plc, creating communication department and CSR, and realising tasks in global communication structures of the concern. Currently, within her position, she manages actions in the range of the business of the company, supporting activity of the largest retail chain in Poland – chain of Biedronka supermarkets.

AMBASSADOR PIERRE CLIVE AGIUS is the current ambassador of the Republic of Malta to the Republic of Poland. He presented his credentials to President Bronisław Komorowski on the 31 of October 2013.

Ambassador Agius is a career diplomat. He was born in Malta on October 21st, 1965 to Joseph AGIUS and Josephine neé ZAMMIT. Mr. Agius joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1993 as a First Secretary. In 1995 he served his first posting as a First Secretary at the Embassy of Malta in Paris. In 1999 he was posted to Geneva, Switzerland, at the Permanent Mission of Malta to the United Nations Office and other International Organisations. During this term, he served also as Consul General of Malta with jurisdiction over the Swiss Cantons of Bern, Fribourg, Vaud, and Jura. In 2000 he was appointed Counselor.

On his return to Valletta in summer of 2002, Mr. AGIUS took up duties as Diplomatic Counsellor to H.E. the President of Malta Prof. Guide de Marco where he remained until the summer of 2004 when he moved to the Embassy of Malta in Vienna, Austria. There he served as Deputy Head of Mission at the Permanent Mission of Malta to the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the United Nations Organisation (UNO), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and other International Organisations.

In December 2007, he was appointed Special Envoy of Malta to the Slovenian Presidency of the European Union in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He was appointed Ambassador of Malta to the Kingdom of Belgium in December 2008 and to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in March 2009. During this same period Mr. Agius, was also appointed as Ambassador of Malta to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In March 2012 Mr. Agius was appointed Ambassador to the France and to the Principality of Monaco.

Mr. AGIUS read his Masters in Diplomatic Studies (M.Dip) at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies in Malta during 1994 and 1995. His dissertation is entitled ‘In search of Peace and Security in Europe – the OSCE’. Mr. AGIUS obtained also a Post-Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management in 1994 and graduated from the University of Malta in 1992 with honours after completion of the course of Bachelor in Education (B.Ed. Hons). Mr. Agius did his secondary schooling at the Archbishops Minor Seminary in Malta.

Mr. Pierre Clive AGIUS is married to Mrs. Irena JAGER who is Slovene. They have two daughters.

Mr. AGIUS is fluent in Maltese, English, Italian and French and has good knowledge of Slovene and Arabic.

In January of 2004 Mr. AGIUS was decorated by the President of the Republic of Italy Ufficiale Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana.